Using "My Shopping List"

If you want an easy way to make your order on an ongoing basis then we recommend you use My Shopping List (to access, first login and then go to the top left of any web page, or in My Account at the bottom of the page).


Every time you add an item to the Shopping Cart it will automatically be added to your shopping list.  If you have shopped with us before then My Shopping List will already have a list of your previous purchases. 


You can also add items by either clicking the Star next to the "Add to Cart" button as you browse the Categories, or click the "Add to My Shopping List" while viewing the product page itself.  My Shopping List is convenient and easy-to-use and will make shopping quicker.


NOTE: You need to Login to use "My Shopping List"



Adding from the Categories                                                   Adding from the Product Page




SHOPPING TIP: To find any product use the Search Box at the top right of each page.  Happy Shopping.