Black Bean Spaghetti (gluten free, organic) - 200g or 6 x 200g

Black Bean Spaghetti (gluten free, organic) - 200g or 6 x 200g

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Black Bean Spaghetti (gluten free, organic) - 200g or 6 x 200g


Unique and innovative gluten free Black Bean pasta.  Specially created to suit traditional Asian cuisine as well as classic western dishes, while addressing many of the dietary needs of today's consumer.  Delicious gluten-free spaghetti made from only 100% Organic Black Beans and water. Try it with your favourite curry, pasta or pesto sauce. 


This spaghetti tastes delicious and is a great alternative to other traditional pastas.  Unlike many other gluten free pastas, it will not become mushy and unappetising, even if overcooked.



  • Low fat
  • High protein
  • High fibre
  • Rich in iron
  • Sodium free
  • Low carbs
















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