Quinoa & Amaranth Mix (Tri-colour, organic) - 3kg

Quinoa & Amaranth Mix (Tri-colour, organic) - 3kg

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Quinoa & Amaranth Mix (Tri-colour, organic) - 3kg

Description : Ceres Organics Quinoa & Amaranth Mix is a special combination of ancient super grains - white, red and black quinoa plus amaranth. Together they form a nutrition powerhouse that's unique in taste and appearance. Quinoa and amaranth are naturally gluten-free, easy to digest and are among the least allergenic grains. Ceres Organics Super Grain Mix is easy to prepare and can be used like or substituted for any other grain.

Ingredients: White Quinoa, Red Quinoa, Black Quinoa, Amaranth

Origin: South America

Certification: BioGro

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