Sunflower Seeds (natural, non-organic, whole) - 3kg or 12.5kg

Sunflower Seeds (natural, non-organic, whole) - 3kg or 12.5kg

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Sunflower Seeds (hulled, whole kernels) - 3kg or 12.5kg

Enjoyed in many cultures for thousands of years, sunflower seeds are considered by some to be the best of all seeds - nutritionally. That's because the abundant nutrients they contain are well balanced. For instance, potassium is high while sodium is low, and calcium is balanced with magnesium and vitamin D for absorption. They are also high in fibre and protein and contain good quality polyunsaturated fats.

A versatile food, sunflower seeds can be eaten raw, roasted or used for flavour and texture in many recipes. Mix with nuts and dried fruits for a high-energy tramping snack.


Ingredients: Sunflower seeds

Origin: Argentina






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