Couscous, Spelt Wholemeal (organic) - 20kg

Couscous, Spelt Wholemeal (organic) - 20kg

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Ceres Wholemeal Spelt Couscous (organic) - 20kg

A versatile pasta made of tiny grains of steamed spelt.

Spelt is a non-hybrid grain with a sturdy hull that helps protect the inherent nutrients in its kernel. It offers a unique nutrition profile superior to that of common wheat. Having high water solubility, spelt is easy to digest - allowing its nutrients to be absorbed easily by the body.

With its slightly nutty flavour, spelt couscous can be served as a breakfast cereal, dressed as a salad, and sweetened for a dessert.

To cook: Add 1 ½ cups boiling water or stock to 1 cup of couscous in a bowl. Cover and let stand for 5 minutes. Then fluff up with a fork.

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