Chinese Brown Rice Flour (organic, gluten free) - 1kg

Chinese Brown Rice Flour (organic, gluten free) - 1kg

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Chantal Chines Brown Rice Flour (organic, gluten free) - 1kg

Brown rice flour is heavier than its relative, white rice flour. It is milled from unpolished brown rice so it has a higher nutritional value than white, and as it contains the bran of the brown rice it has a higher fibre content. This also means that it has a noticeable texture, a bit grainy.

It does have a slight nutty taste, which will sometimes come out in recipes depending on the other ingredients, and the texture will also contribute to a heavier product than recipes made with white rice flour. It is not often used completely on its own because of its heavier nature.

Bulk buying is not recommended as it is better used when fresh, store in an airtight container.

Wheat free & Gluten free

Use in any bread recipe instead of wheat flour.

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