All you need: Sprout-It Kit (incl. Organic Chickpeas)

All you need: Sprout-It Kit (incl. Organic Chickpeas)

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Sprout-it Kit: All you need to get sprouting (incl. Organic Chickpeas)


Nuts, grains, beans and seeds are fantastic, everyday super-foods. But, did you know that you can take their super-food status to a whole new level, by simply ‘waking them up’. This is where sprouting comes into play...When a seed, nut, grain or bean is soaked for several days, germination occurs, a sprout begins to grow and the seeds nutritional profile is multiplied.



Included within our Sprout-It Kit is everything you need to get going (or gift to somebody else to give them some encouragement!):


  • 1 large preserving jar (900ml)
  • 500g of Organic Chickpeas for sprouting
  • 5 squares of organic, reusable, unbleached muslin
  • Trade Aid Hemp twine for securing the muslin 
  • Sprout-it 3-Step How-to-Guide
  • Optional extra: Amazing Sprouts Book (was $19.99, on special for $14.99)

We chose to include chickpeas in this kit, as they are very simple to sprout and a great place to begin your sprouting journey.  Please contact us if you would prefer a different seed type - we have lots on offer!


Sprouting is so very simple and a simple 3-step guide is included in this kit.  However, if you wish to further your knowledge we thoroughly recommend adding the Amazing Sprouts Book to your kit.  It covers everything you ever needed to know about sprouting, the various seeds you can sprout, plus tips and nutritional information.


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