Hazelnuts (raw with skins on) - 3kg

Hazelnuts (raw with skins on) - 3kg

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Hazelnuts (raw with skins on) - 3kg 

A few reasons that hazelnuts are so healthy:

- They contain folate/folic acid (vitamin b9) which is responsible for helping your body create new cells, especially important as your body adapts to the effects of exercise. Folate is also particularly good for women who are pregnant as it aids the healthy development of your baby’s spine and brain. In fact, it’s so important that it’s not just advised that you should consume sufficient amounts of folate if you are pregnant, but if you are of childbearing age full stop! Meaning you should make sure you consume enough folate acid before you become pregnant and between children.

- They have a perfect balance of phosphorus and magnesium which work together to keep your bones healthy.

- Hazelnuts contain 100% of your RDA of vitamin E, an antioxidant that prevents cell damage. Antioxidants keep you looking young with vitamin E taking a special role in your skin’s health.

Because hazelnuts are one of the sweeter tasting nuts, they are found in and paired with a lot of desserts. If you’re treating yourself to a dessert, make it a little healthier by sprinkling some crushed hazelnuts on them

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