Amazing Sprouts book

Amazing Sprouts book

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The "Amazing Sprouts" book by Pam Blowers

This book contains all the information you ever need to know about growing and using sprouts.


Many people believe that food should always be grown in healthy soil for ultimate health and I believe that this is indeed true. In today's busy lifestyle though it is not easy, if not impossible, for most people to be able to keep up a vegetable garden or supply of home grown vegetables all year round. That's why this book is so helpful - it contains information about a green "vegetable" which is nutritious and easy to grow in your own kitchen (check out The EasyGreen Auto Sprouter).


In the outdoors one has to combat the myriad of pests we seem to be confronted with, especially in summer, or we are faced with drought or plants that must wonder if they are aquatic rather than earth types! Without a doubt the majority of people feel more comfortable with organic produce because of the growing health problems associated with pesticides and herbicides used routinely on crops. But for some families the cost of buying organic produce can be prohibitive. Others who could afford to, if they prioritised, choose not to.


When you are young you often do not have the wisdom to know that the most important, indeed, the most essential thing we could do for our own health (and that of our family) is to learn what you should and definitely should not put into the most precious thing you possess, your body!


Sprouts are therefore a cheap and welcome addition to our diets and scientists are forever discovering something amazing as they test these tiny little plants for their amazing abundance of nutrients and health giving properties.




Living sprouts give you living enzymes and enzymes initiate just about every bodily function. Enzymes are destroyed in cooked, refined foods.




There is little encouragement given to help people remain healthy today. The emphasis is on intervention/preventative medical care which all carries risk of toxic drugs for symptoms.


The end result is the state of today's children, many sick in mind or body.


Talk to any teacher who has been in the profession for at least 25 years about the difference they see in children today and when they first started teaching!


THE HUMAN BODY WAS DESIGNED TO FUNCTION PERFECTLY IF GIVEN CLEAN AIR, CLEAN WATER AND PURE FOOD, NOT TOXIC CHEMICALS IN ANY GUISE (medications, vaccine ingredients, food colourings, preservatives, flavourings, pesticides etc.)




"The Amazing Sprout Book" contains lots of hints such as

  • Seeds should be organically grown or spray free

  • NEVER sprout seeds that have been treated with fungicides

  • ALWAYS check seeds for stones or grit before washing

  • BUY from a reputable supplier with a good turnover

  • MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL - if you have children then let them get involved. You will be amazed how fascinating they will find the growing of their 'own' seeds into a food they can snack on or make into something they like. They will even boast about making their own 'snacks' at school!


This book also includes information on chlorine, because the majority of people use chlorinated water. Worldwide, hundreds of chlorine base poisons are slowly building up in the air, water, food chain and in our bodies. New scientific evidence implicated these chemicals in severe and widespread health problems, in people and wildlife, including infertility, impaired childhood development, immune system damage and cancer.


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