Sprouting Red Clover Seeds (organic) - 500g or 1kg

Sprouting Red Clover Seeds (organic) - 500g or 1kg

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Red Clover Sprouting Seeds (organic) - 500g or 1kg

Red Clover is the new Alfalfa.

Mild flavor, mild crunch, big time nutrition (especially for women dealing with menopause).

Clover is easy to grow, and produces a beautiful green leaf which is lighter green than Alfalfa.

Though it is very similar to Alfalfa, we prefer Clover. It is the base for most of our Leafy Sprout Mixes

These Red Clover seeds come from a source which is certified organic.

Harvest after 6 days. Produces - 1 gram of seed will produce 7g of sprouts.

Botanical Name: Trifolium pratense

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