Lunette Menstrual Cup ** SPECIAL **

Lunette Menstrual Cup ** SPECIAL **

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Lunette Menstrual Cup   ** Introductory Special **



The Lunette menstrual cup is a premium quality, reusable, bell shaped cup that is inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual fluid. It is a cost effective, and environmentally friendly way to replace conventional pads and tampons.


Lunette cup features:


- Made from high quality, silky soft, medical grade silicone that is BPA and Latex free


- Designed and made in Finland


- Reusable for a lifespan of 5-10 years


- Can be worn for up to 10-12 hours or overnight before needing to be emptied


- Suitable for all types of activity including swimming, bike riding, and other sports


- Soft, smooth lining and a flat tab to ensure easy cleaning and maximum hygiene


- Available in 5 colours


- Each cup comes with a colour co-ordinating carry pouch for safe storage


- Detailed instructions on how to correctly insert and remove the cup are included with each Lunette






We offer the full range of Lunette Menstrual Cups. Choose your preferred colour and size (sizing is simple - scroll on down for guidance, plus check out the photos):




- Clear


- Yellow


- Blue


- Orange


- Purple






Model 1 (41mm and holds 25ml)


Model 2 (46mm and holds 30ml)


Sizing, Factors to consider:


1. The amount of flow. This is the most important factor when choosing the right cup. As a general rule we can say that Model 2 is best for medium to heavier flow and Model 1 for lighter flow.




2. Maturity and Anatomy: Please refer to the sizing table in the photos - it makes choosing the right size easy!!


But generally speaking Model 1 is recommended for younger women or those who have not had sexual intercourse. Women who have sexual intercourse or given birth are better suited to Model 2.

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