Natracare Organic Cleansing Make-Up Removal Wipes 20s

Natracare Organic Cleansing Make-Up Removal Wipes 20s

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Natracare Organic Cotton Cleansing Make-Up Removal Wipes - 20 in a pack

Infused with the organic essential oils of almond, apricot and chamomile, Natracare Cleansing Make-Up Removal Wipes leave your skin moisturised, cleansed and refreshed naturally. The soft and strong organic cotton cloth is gentle but effective, removing even waterproof mascara and lipstick.

Unlike conventional wipes, we use only the best certified organic and natural ingredients, making them incredibly gentle on your skin.

Natracare Makeup wipes are the first in the world to receive the COSMOS organic standard.

Biodegradable and compostable under correct conditions. 

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