The Revive Cafe Cookbook 6

The Revive Cafe Cookbook 6

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The Revive Cafe Cookbook 6

**HOT OFF THE PRESS** Jeremy Dixons all new Cookbook 6 - the best yet!

The following is a message from Jeremy himself:

"I am excited to announce the launch of my latest cookbook… just in time for Christmas.

I have done a complete refresh of the Revive Cafe Cookbook format...
- This book has a healthy baking and sweets section (50% of the book)
- New graphic design throughout with prep photos
- New rustic feel matt paper throughout the book
- Photography has reached a new level!!
- More innovative recipes

People are telling me that it is my best cookbook yet!

When I ask people what they want in a cookbook they always tell me 'more healthy sweet things'. So here it is.

There are also some amazing new salads, meals and hotpots. And you will want to complete the set (there is an estimated 26,000 people with books 1 to 5)."

Vitally Yours,
Jeremy Dixon

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"I am delighted with my Revive Cookbook. It is beautifully set out and easy to follow. I have been using a recipe from it virtually every day since receiving it. I think the step-by-step section is a great addition and perfect for the young cooks I have given the books to; they will be able to confidently cook a great meal using whatever ingredients are available to them." Sandy 

About the Author

After a great response to the first four Revive cookbooks, the founder of Revive, Jeremy Dixon, reveals more of Revive's tasty recipes. Jeremy has a passion to share with others how to add energy and vitality to their lives through his cafes, inspiring weekly e-mails, cooking demonstrations and cookbooks.

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