Rapadura or Panela Sugar (Evaporated Sugar Juice, Organic) - 3kg

Rapadura or Panela Sugar (Evaporated Sugar Juice, Organic) - 3kg

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Ceres Rapadura or Panela Sugar (Evaporated Sugar Juice, Organic) - 3kg

A delicious golden and unrefined sweetener made from 100% Certified Organic Sugar Cane Juice with a full caramel flavour. Higher in vitamins and minerals with the molasses retained from the sugar cane.

1. Start with
sugar cane - the original pure source.
2. Then squeeze/press the sweetness out in the form of sugar cane juice
. This is a natural wholefood sweetener.
3. Finally, naturally dry
the organic sugar cane juice
to form Rapadura (Panela) - minimal processing to keep as many nutritional benefits as possible = evaporated organic sugar cane juice.

White sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar are all sugars that have had much further processing in the form of chemical, physical and heat treatments to separate the crystals so you are left with an inferior, less nutritional product with lost vitamins and minerals and less sweetness and flavour.

Organic Rapadura is made from organically grown sugar cane, mostly through fair trade programs in Colombia and Brazil.

Ingredients: 100% pure Cane Juice Sugar (powder) - organic.

Store: In a dry, dark cupboard away from direct sunlight.


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