Cumin Whole Seeds - 500g or 1kg

Cumin Whole Seeds - 500g or 1kg

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Cumin Whole Seeds -  500g or 1kg

Cumin is one of the oldest and most popular seasonings in the world. Its strong, distinctive flavor has countless uses, but is especially popular in chili and Mexican cooking.


An excellent spice for rice dishes, curries, stuffings, sauces and marinades, particularly for Middle Eastern dishes. It can he used in breads and even in some sweet baked goods.


For a lot of people this is a favorite spice in their cooking. With its origins found in Iran as a major supplier, cumin is most popular in Cuban, Thai and Indian cuisines. Cumin seeds come from the apiaceae plant whose flowers are small pink and white. You can use either whole seed or ground cumin in ALL of your meats, chicken, and sometimes even salads. It has a great smoky aroma and adds a wonderfully rich taste.  How do you use Cumin?

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