Liquid Mineral Complex - 237ml

Liquid Mineral Complex - 237ml

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Liquid Mineral Complex - 237ml

Concentrated, overall dietary supplement and seasoning from the USA.

Liquid Mineral Complex is a unique and rich water-soluble blend of 84 ionically charged ocean minerals and trace elements derived from purified pristine sea water. These life-enhancing ionic ocean minerals are surging with ionically charged minerals and trace elements that the body needs for optimal health and vitality.

Liquid Mineral Complex increases energy, promotes overall well-being, helps the body function at its optimal level, and benefits many systems of the body.

Special purification process blends minerals and trace elements, including magnesium and potassium. Essentially the same composition as mineral-rich ocean water extracted from the Great Inland Sea. This is mineral nutrition that provide the essential support and balance your body truly needs.

The energy that you see in those energetic little kids has been bottled for you...its a life transfusion in a bottle...just put several drops in your favorite juice and you can boost your vitality and uncover your youthful energy in just minutes! Use daily for a balance of required minerals.

Suggested Use: Pour 1/2 teaspoon (40 drops) once daily or 1/4 teaspoon (20 drops) twice daily into a glass of filtered water or your favorite fruit or vegetable juice.

Additional Uses:

  • Cooking: Add to replace the loss of essential minerals and as a seasoning (can replace salt).
  • Dental Hygiene: Put on toothbrush with a little toothpaste
  • Soothing Mineral Bath: Add 1/2 cup in bathtub of filtered water once or twice a week to help ease aching muscles and joints.
  • Plants & Gardening: Add 1/4 teaspoon to 4 litres of filtered water.
  • Re-Mineralized De-Ionized, Reverse Osmosis, or Distilled Water: Add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon to 4 litres of water.
  • Cuts & Scrapes: Apply direct or dilute 1/2 teaspoon (40 drops) into a glass of filtered water.
  • Sore Throats: Dilute 1/2 teaspoon (40 drops) into a glass of filtered water and gargle.
  • Pet Health: Pour 1/2 teaspoon (40 drops) once daily into bowl of filtered water.

Customer Testimonials:

"I've been using the Liquid Mineral Complex on my toothbrush for the last 2 1/2 months. Today I went for a cleaning and the dental hygenist couldn't believe the improvement in my gums. I had a pocket that was a 9 and others that were 5, 6 and 7's. now the 9 is down to a three and the rest of the gum pockets are 1's and 2's. I am so glad my friend told me about this product! Thank you!!!!" Gina

"A gum biopsy and several dentists concluded that 1 - 4% of women my age get my unknown gum disease with no known cure. My holistic doctor recommended the EQUINOX Master Formula Liquid Mineral Complex. This product healed my gums totally in three months without surgery or the use of chemical drugs. All my body was lacking, were minerals. This product needs to be advertised to a higher level and made available in all retail stores. I continue to share my success story and your product with others. All dentists should be educated about this amazing miracle product. Thank you!" Linda E.


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