Kombucha Wonder Drink, Traditional (organic health tonic) - 414ml

Kombucha Wonder Drink, Traditional (organic health tonic) - 414ml

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Kombucha Wonder Drink, Traditional (organic health tonic) - 414ml

An original kombucha made from fresh-brewed, organic oolong tea.


Kombucha Wonder Drink is more of an experience than a beverage. Its unique flavor is meant to be savored, and its effervescent bite gently tickles your throat. When you sip Kombucha Wonder Drink, a sense of well-being unfolds.

Kombucha’s roots go back centuries.Tribesmen would descend from high in the Himalayas to harvest spring tea in the valley below. According to a formula passed down from generation to generation, the tea was fermented to create an effervescent elixir said to restore health, promote longevity and bestow mental clarity to all who drank it.

Today, Kombucha Wonder Drink is made in the same way, only with an added benefit: Each small batch goes through a proprietary process that eliminates all but a trace of alcohol (not exceeding 0.5% by volume) and unwanted bacteria. All that’s left is pure kombucha and the naturally occurring acids that give it its power.


Filtered Water, Brewed Oolong Tea (Filtered Water, Oolong Tea Leaves), Kombucha (Filtered Water, Cane Juice, Oolong Tea Leaves, Yeast and Bacteria Cultures), Cane Juice, Carbonation


Origin  USA

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