Gluten Flour (wheat) - 1kg or 3kg

Gluten Flour (wheat) - 1kg or 3kg

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Gluten Flour - 1kg or 3kg


Gluten is a protein found abundantly in the endosperm of wheat that adds stickiness and sponginess to dough. When people cook with other wholemeal or other grains they may not have adequate gluten, and might need to use a bit of pure gluten in order to make breads and other baked goods lighter. If you don't have any gluten allergies then gluten flour is ideal as a wholemeal bread additive.



Gluten flour in small amounts is added to other whole grain flours, with some recipes calling for about a cup of it at most for a loaf of bread. It has become popular in low-carb foods because the removal of starch.

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