Muesli, Highlands Toasted (natural) - 3kg

Muesli, Highlands Toasted (natural) - 3kg

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Highlands Toasted Muesli (natural) - 3kg (only $8.99 per kilo)


From looking at this muesli, I can say, that if you order a bag for yourself, you will be satisfied. From the honey coated oats, dried mango, and cashews, to the banana chips, sultanas, and the coconut chips, your mouth will be blown away with flavour.


Perfect for the start of the day as breakfast, this 3kg bag will last as long as you can stay away from it!


Ingredients: Honey Coated Oats, Coconut Chips, Sultanas, Banana Chips (With Natural Flavour), Long Thread Coconut, Coconut Chips, Diced Apricots, Raw Almonds Sliced, Papaya Granule, Pineapple Granules, Cashews (Large White Pieces), Cashews Roasted (No Salt), Dried Mango Pieces.


Packed in a facility handling Gluten, Eggs, Soya, Milk, Oats, Sesame Seeds, Tree Nuts & other allergens

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