Coconut Jam (Creme Brule, organic) - 330g

Coconut Jam (Creme Brule, organic) - 330g

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Coconut Jam (Creme Brule, organic) - 330g


Organic Coconut Jam (think Creme Brule made with coconut and cashews!)

KOKONATI Organic Coconut Jam is 100% natural, certified organic with the fresh aroma of coconuts and a crunchy, clean taste of organic ceylonese cashews sweetened with the coconut nectar itself- truly delicious. Organic Coconut oils are known to be rich in medium chain fatty acids, add to that the fibre of crushed dehydrated fresh coconut meat and cashew, the resulting coconut jam is a functional wholefood all on its own. The Coconut is a rich source of minerals and phytonutrients needed daily by the body.

Coconut Jam is dairy free, gluten free and can be stored at room temperature. Our products have not been refined, are not hydrogenated and do not contain any trans fats . All our products are free of preservatives, artificial flavouring, colouring, additives and stabilizers.

If using within 3-4 weeks  it is not necessary to refrigerate it.

Given the handy size of  a 330 gram jar, trust us, it will not last longer than that! You will be scraping off every sticky morsel of delicious goodness much sooner than that!

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