Peanuts, Roasted & Salted - 300g

Peanuts, Roasted & Salted - 300g

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Ceres Peanuts, Roasted & Salted - 300g

Description : It may surprise you to know that peanuts are not real nuts. They're a member of a legume family related to peas, lentils and beans. Peanuts start growing as a flower that, due to its heavy weight, droops down and eventually burrows underground where the peanuts actually mature. Hence, they're sometimes referred to as the 'underground nut' as opposed to almonds, walnuts and other nuts that grow on trees. A favourite snack food, synonymous with ballgames, peanuts pack a serious nutritional punch providing a good source of protein and dietary fibre. They add texture and taste to many recipes and make a great ingredient for desserts and trail mixes.

Ingredients: Peanuts, Sea Salt

Origin: Made in New Zealand

Certification: BioGro

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