Naturife Water Filter Jug - 3.5ltr

Naturife Water Filter Jug - 3.5ltr

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Why use HYUNDAI Naturife Water Filter Jug?
• Enjoy purified, clean, chlorine free, alkaline water
• Improve the taste of tea and aroma from coffee
• Have scale free appliances
• Make crystal clear ice


While most tap water is safe to consume it doesn't always taste great - it can still also contain impurities, water hardness, chlorine, lead, copper, pesticide and other contaminants. These alter the taste and appearance of tap water which then affects food and drinks.


The Naturife Water Filter is so easy to use. It’s a convenient and economical method of effectively improving the quality of your tap water.

1. Simply Fill the Funnel with water directly from the tap.

2. The quality of the water is improved in minutes by the unique cartridge containing Activated Carbon and a special blend of food grade materials.

3. Activated Carbon: Absorbing chlorine, heavy metals and organic impurities while improving the taste and appearance of your tap water.

4. Ion Exchange Resin: Able to reduce water hardness aluminium and certain heavy metals

5. The Result is safe, clean water ideally suited for preparing foods and drinks.


• Capacity: 3.5 Litres
• Indicator for the Life of the Filter
• Filter Life: 4 months
• pH = 7.4 and above
• Unique design and compact size
• Fits in most refrigerator doors

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