Polycarbonate Water Bottle (BPA free) - 1 litre

Polycarbonate Water Bottle (BPA free) - 1 litre

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Polycarbonate Water Bottle (BPA free) - 1 litre

Polycarbonate and non-leaching! These bottles are polycarbonate and non-leaching and great sizes. It's molded with nice deep grip rings to prevent slipping, and has a nice flip over protective cover with a 48mm opening to accomodate ice cubes.


  • 1 litre capacity 280 h x 76 w
  • Twist type sports top
  • Available in blue, purple, mint green, lime green, pink, orange
  • Large ice friendly opening
  • Reuse again and again to prevent waste
  • #7 recycle code on its bottom is your guarantee of quality!
  • Glass-like, non-porous material
  • NO Plastic Leaching
  • NO Dioxin Leaching
  • Durable
  • No Heat or Cold Distortion


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