Waters Therapy Shower Pack

Waters Therapy Shower Pack

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Waters Therapy Shower "Deluxe Pack" 

Cleansing the body, Enlivening the mind.

The Waters Therapy Shower is a product with a fresh new concept. By removing chlorine in your shower water, adding Vitamin C and collagen, and accenting it with a relaxing aroma, the Waters Therapy Shower is your way to total cleansing and beautification of your body.

It creates natural water by removing residual chlorine; you are left with water that is ideal for bathing, showering and facial cleansing. On top of this, an infusion of Vitamin C and collagen into the water helps protect your skin and enhance its elasticity. A soothing aroma completes the experience as it relaxes your mind.



Revive yourself from stresses of daily life with a comfortable and pleasurable Therapy Shower.


Functions of Waters Therapy Shower
• Removes residual chlorine and harmful chlorine compounds in tap water to prevent skin damage from these chemicals
• Softens hair and prevents hair damage and hair loss due to residual chlorine
• Beautifies the skin & enhances its elasticity
• Vitamin C nourishes the skin; its anti-oxidant properties counteract skin-aging free radicals that destroy the collage in our skin
• The aroma soothes your mind as it relieves stress and eases away fatigue
• Changes water into "functional water" through magnetization
• Softens water to create a more pleasurable shower experience
• Makes shower water safe for those allergic reactions to chlorine, eg. eczema.


Convenience of the Waters Therapy Shower:
• It can be easily installed on the existing shower system.
• Allows a soft water shower at a reasonable price vs. using an expensive water softener.
• It is very economical as only the internal cartridge needs replacing (with each filter lasting approx. 6-months or 20,000 litres). Note the Deluxe Set comes with 2 filters.
• Does not require additional equipment for installation; user-friendly installation process.
• It also lets you to save on water and energy costs.

Deluxe pack includes:
1 x shower head or rose
1 x magnetised housing
1 x aroma filter cartridges (will last approximately 12 months)


Comes with a Life-time Warranty


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