Waters Therapy Shower Aroma Replacement Filters x 2

Waters Therapy Shower Aroma Replacement Filters x 2

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Pack of 2 Therapy Shower Aroma Replacement Filters (ON SALE)


Either lemon, lavender or plain - you choose.


The shower filter will last an average of six-months for a family using an average of 100-litres of water per day. This may vary depending on usage and regional water quality (filter life is 20,000 litres).


The therapy shower filter is a really worthwhile investment for your skin and hair.



Eliminates Residual Chlorine
Waters therapy filter completely removes the residual chlorine in tap water, providing clean and safe water with no concern on skin trouble (eg, eczema) or hair loss

Adds Collagen
Waters therapy filter contains collagen to increase the flexibility and elasticity of skin. 

Creates Soft water
Waters therapy filter includes magnetization function which accelerates water molecule to be absorbed fast into skin by reducing its size and provides soft water.

Provides Aromatherapy
Waters therapy filter utilizes the aroma therapy that helps the aroma beneficial for our body to be absorbed into our body through nose, mouth, skin, and mucous membrane during shower.

Adds Vitamin C
Waters therapy filter administers Vitamin C that nourishes the skin; its anti-oxidant properties counteract skin-aging free radicals that destroy the collage in our skin

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