Tasty Breadcrumbs (Organic, Fermented) - 400g

Tasty Breadcrumbs (Organic, Fermented) - 400g

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Purebread, Tasty Breadcrumbs (Organic, Fermented) - 400g


For Tasty Bread crumbs, bread is laid out on trays and placed in oven overnight utilising the residual heat. Then ground down to breadcrumb consistency. Delicious and nutritious for meats, fish and vegetable bakes.

Because Tasty Breadcrumbs are certified organic, it is free from those nasty pesticides and herbicides common in non organic varieties so PESTICIDE FREE!

Ingredients: (Big Daddy and Mamma) Certified Organic Wholemeal and White flour, Rolled Oats, Organic Honey, Soy Flour, Eco Living Filtered Water, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Salt and Yeast. (Soul Spelt) All Organic Spelt Flour, Eco Living Water, Natural Culture (spelt and water) & Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil, Yeast, Organic Honey and Natural Improver.

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