Purebread, Soul Spelt (Organic, Sourdough) - 430g

Purebread, Soul Spelt (Organic, Sourdough) - 430g

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Purebread, Soul Spelt (Organic, Sourdough) - 430g


‚Äč** Note: Normally we ship on Fridays.  However if your order includes bread or buns, it will be shipped after the weekend.  That way we can pick up a fresh loaf straight from the Purebread bakery on Monday and have it on the courier that afternoon - freshness gaurenteed! **



Ancient spelt grain and unique cultures combine to create a great flavor and fine soft texture. Choose from sliced loaves or light fluffy buns for a variety of delicious serving occasions.


Spelt is an ancient heritage variety so is great for people who are allergic or sensitive to wheat.


Many people have found they can tolerate it but not other wheat varieties


Also available in hamburger buns 4 pack


Certified organic and, ingredients are grown using sustainable farming practices that nurtures and protects our land and planet.


Our Ingredients: 

All Organic Spelt Flour, Eco Living Water, Natural Culture (spelt and water) & Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil, Yeast, Organic Honey and Natural Improver.



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