Pistachios, Roasted & Salted (organic) - 2.5kg

Pistachios, Roasted & Salted (organic) - 2.5kg

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Ceres Pistachios, Roasted & Salted (organic) - 2.5kg

Description : Nature's super healthy snack! Delicious and good for you, pistachios are nutrient dense - this means they supply an excellent balance of nutrients and calories. One of the oldest flowering nut trees, humans have enjoyed eating pistachios since pre-historic times. Snack on whole kernels or add to your favourite ice cream, cake or baked dessert. Sprinkle over salad or add to muesli for a special breakfast treat.

Ingredients: Pistachios, Salt

Allergens: Packed on equipment that handles other tree nuts, seeds and products containing gluten

Origin: USA

Certification: BioGro

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