Sea Salt Flakes (Chantal) - 150g

Sea Salt Flakes (Chantal) - 150g

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Southern Ocean New Zealand Flaked Organic Sea Salt - 150 gram pack.

Health Information

Why Natural Sea Salt? Salt is essential to human life, but this salt is particularly special. Natural Sea Salt is harvested from the unpolluted waters surrounding the southern oceans of New Zealand. It is extracted from the sea, as in ancient times, by evaporation, harnessing the natural process of sun and wind. This salt is unrefined and is therefore richer than normal table salt in minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and other trace elements found in seawater. Natural sea salt is recommended by many health experts for its high trace element content. Furthermore, this salt does not contain the anti caking agents of bleaches found in many refined table salts. Being naturally-evaporated and unrefined, natural sea salt has a distinctive flavour. Use it more sparingly than normal salt, as the extra mineral often enhance the taste. Many people find that by using natural sea salt, they are able to reduce their overall salt intake.


Pure Evaporated Sea Water. Typical Analysis: Sodium chloride: Minimum moisture-free 98.3%, Moisture content 0.48%, Calcium 0.14%, Magnesium 0.16%, Copper 855ppm, Potassium 0.12%, Sulphate (Na2SO4) 1.24%, Iron 9.3ppm, Boron 470ppm, Selenium <0.04ppm. Also contains numerous other trace minerals in minute quantities.

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