Black Rice, Long Grain (organic, gluten-free) - 25kg

Black Rice, Long Grain (organic, gluten-free) - 25kg

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Black Rice, Long Grain (organic, gluten-free) - 25kg


Black Rice is unmilled rice, meaning the nutrient-rich black husk of the rice has not been removed. Long Grains are stiffer and starchier and Medium Grain Rice is stickier. 


The natural colour of black rice will dye foods added to it, such as coconut milk. This exotic variety has a rich, slightly sweet, strongly nutty flavour and can be substituted for white, brown or red rice in most recipes - sweet or savoury,  It is  popular in native Asian desserts served with fresh fruit like mangoes and lychees or drizzled with fruit or rice syrup.

Cooking Tips: Rinsing and soaking black rice overnight will help reduce cooking time. Use two cups of water to every cup of rice. Cover pan and bring to the boil over high heat, then simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Shut off burner and fluff the rice with a fork. It should be soft yet chewy.


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