Be Nourished Sauerkraut Gut Shots (Probiotic Tonic, Organic, Unpasturised) - 350ml

Be Nourished Sauerkraut Gut Shots (Probiotic Tonic, Organic, Unpasturised) - 350ml

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Be Nourished Gut Shot: 14 serves per bottle, for a probiotic hit!


What's special about Be Nourished saurkrauts, kimchi and gut shots are that they're RAW and organic - NOT PASTEURISED.  All the enzymes are intact and the vegetables are teeming with good bacteria for your gut.  One shot (i.e. 25ml or approximately tablespoon) of this organic raw sauerkraut juice and your gut will thank you – rebalance flora with billions of live bacteria!


Add a splash to juices, salad dressings or shoot some full strength.   These concentrated and undiluted shots, contains all the same probiotics as the sauerkraut itself - such an easy, delicious and affordable way to improve your gut health.  


Only a couple of tablespoons are needed for a daily dose of probiotic bacteria, meaning that with each bottle containing 14 shots, there is enough to last an entire week.


Choose from one of 3 flavours:


  • Turmeric Probiotic Tonic

This combo of cabbage, cauliflower, fresh turmeric, spring onion, curry powder, garlic, coriander seeds, nigella seeds and chilli flakes makes for a tangy Gut Shot that’s sure to please!


  • Ruby Probiotic Tonic

​​Our Ruby Probiotic Tonic is the perfect Gut Shot to choose when introducing this baby to your family and friends. This tangy mix of red and white cabbage with caraway seeds contains billions of live bacteria to help re-balance your gut flora. Pretty amazing, huh?


  • Kimchi Probiotic Tonic

​We’re all fans of this spicy tonic! Just one shot a day is packed with all the live bacteria you’ll need.  Enjoy straight up, add to pineapple juice (trust us this tastes amazing!). Whisk in with oil and fresh lime juice for an amazing Asian salad dressing.


Recipe Ideas:


  • Drink like a tonic. Either sip it straight, or dilute it with water or even sparkling water for a fun fizzy experience.
  • Salad dressings. This is a delicious choice, indeed! Treat it similar to vinegar, add a little bit of oil, spices, even raw honey.
  • Pickled eggs. This can get exciting. If you've made a colourful sauerkraut for instance, you can pickle hard boiled eggs in it to get fun colours.
  • Cold soup base. Making gazpacho? Or cold cucumber soup? Add a little probiotics to it!
  • Flavour to warm soup (not too hot, though!) A little fermented brine adds great flavour. Make sure the soup isn't so hot it will kill the good bacteria you want in your gut.
  • Devilled eggs. Use it in place of lemon juice or mayonnaise or other liquid.
  • Drizzle on grains. What a great way to spruce up delicious rice, quinoa or other properly prepared grains.
  • Use as a marinade. It tenderizes.
  • Add it to your fruit or vege juice.
  • Bloody Mary. Instead of or as well as the tomato juice.
  • Sautéed greens. Rather than adding in a bit of oil, vinegar or anything else, use a bit of brine. The heat will kill the probiotics, but the flavour will be there.
  • Add it to mayo, sauce, salsa, relish, hummus etc to add probiotic goodness and flavour.
  • Use instead of vinegar in sushi.
  • Activate your nuts and seeds by soaking in kraut juice.
  • Gargle for a sore throat.
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