The Revive Cafe Cookbook 7

The Revive Cafe Cookbook 7

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The Revive Cafe Cookbook 7 


Hot off the press!

Paperback, 185 pages
Size 195x260mm (a little smaller than A4)

Revive Cookbooks 1 - 6 also available


Inside this cookbook you will find great recipes from the Revive Cafes that you can cook and enjoy at home. 



Revive’s delicious vegetarian food contains whole grains, plant-based protein, fresh produce and virtually no processed sugars or flours. The majority of the dishes are also dairy and gluten free.


Six mouth-watering sections:

  1. Salads
  2. Hotpots Soups & Stir Fries
  3. Main Meals
  4. Sides & Flavour Boosters
  5. Vegan Cheeses (new category)
  6. Sweet Things

Equipped with these great recipes and a little planning, you will discover that preparing healthy food is easier than you thought!





Crispy & Juicy Thai Tofu Peanut Salad With Lime & Peanut Dressing 16
Fresh Basil Caprese Salad With Plant-Powered Mozzarella 18
Minty & Crunchy Very Green Salad With Maple Tahini Dressing 20
Enticing Spring Bitter Greens Salad 22
Chickpea Paneer & Root Vege Salad With Walnuts 24
Red Quinoa Mingle With Eggplant & Courgettes 26
Refreshing Lime Asian Miso Quinoa Salad With Miso Dressing 28
Rainbow Chickpea Mingle With Kale & Pomegranate 30
Summer Courgette & Millet Salad 32
Thai Tofu Peanut Mingle With Cauliflower & Thai Aioli 34
Butternut, Black Bean & Barley Salad With Green Dressing 36
Funky Warm Roast Cauliflower Salad 38
Delectable Herbed Baby Potato Salad With Honey Mustard Dressing 40
Asian Avocado & Miso Tofu Strip Salad 42


Smoky Pinto Bean & Yam Casserole 46
Thai Very Green Dahl With Revive Cucumber Raita 48
Spicy Tandoori Quinoa With Roast Parsnip & Chickpeas 50
Indian Saag Paneer  52
Mushroom Potato And Tempeh Satay  54
Thick & Chunky Winter Warming Cauliflower Soup  56
Butter Bean & Broccoli Soup  58
Creamy & Coconutty Thai Lime Bisque With Shitake Mushrooms 60
Chunky Mushroom & Bean Soup 62
Tangy Millet & Lentil Hash With Sweet Potato 64
Thai Green Curry Jackfruit & Millet Toss Around 66
Roasted Almond & Broccoli Quinoa Mingle 68
Warming Middle-Of-Winter Kumara Stir Fry With Kale And Broccoli 70


Kale & Tofu Ricotta Deep Dish Pizza With Sweet Potato Crust 74
Cauli & Quinoa Balls With Masala Gravy 76
Melt In Your Mouth Green Vege Cakes With Smoky Aioli 78
Mexican Smoked Jackfruit Tacos With Lime & Cashew Aioli 80
Italian Leek & Zucchini Pasta With Parmeshew Cheese 82
Crispy Not-Chicken Nuggets  84
Fresh As Lettuce Lentil Tacos With Hummus & Artichokes 86
Italian Chickpea Broccoli Pizza With Sweet Potato 88
Tempeh & Roast Vege Rice Paper Rolls 90
Scrummy Millet Lentil Patties  92
Buckwheat & Spinach Crepes With Cashew Sour Cream 94
Thai Green Curry Tofu Steaks  96
Nachos With Nacho Cheese Sauce & Guacamole 98
Hawaiian Poke Bowl With Japanese Wasabi Dressing 100


Crispy Crunchy Oven Baked Polenta Fries  106
Energising Cauli & Broccoli Rice 108
Brilliantly Scrummy Salmon-Like Bites With Cashew Cream Cheese 110
Bangkok Gooey Peanuty Satay Tofu Chunks 112
Ginger & Garlic Infused Sauteed Spinach Mingle 114
A Little Bit Of Fancy Quinoa On The Side 116
Crunchy Thyme & Carrot Crackers Served With Basil Ricotta Cheese 118
Revive Cucumber Raita With Mint  120
Japanese Wasabi Dressing  121
Simple But Extremely Delicious Lime & Cashew Aioli  122
Revive Stock Powder 123
All Purpose Tomato Sauce  124
Classic Hummus  125


Cashew Cheddar Cheese  130
Entertaining Worthy Herby Cashew Cheese 132
Cashew-Powered Grilled Halloumi 134
Plant-Powered Mozzarella Balls With Lemon & Garlic 136
Smooth & Versatile Chickpea Paneer 138
Vegan Very Grateable Cheese 140
Creamy Vegan Gouda Cheese 142
Can't Believe It's Not Cheese Nacho Cheese Sauce  144
Vegan Marinated Feta Cheese 146
Light & Crumbly Tofu Feta Cheese 148
Sweet Almond Ricotta  149
Cashew Cream Cheese  150
Basil Ricotta Cheese  151
Loaded Vegan Cheese Board 152


Tastes Too Good To Be True Tiramisu 156
Creamy Mango & Peach Parfait With Passionfruit Coulis 158
Delectable Raw Mocha Slice 160
Velvety Vanilla Mousse With Raspberries & Pistachio Nuts 162
Party In Your Mouth Pistachio & Rose Cacao Slice 164
Bitter Sweet Cacao Balls  166
Incredible Chia Blueberry Jam 168
Blueberry & Buckwheat Banana Pancakes  170
Berry & Yoghurt Ambrosia With Caramelised Nuts & Jelly 172
Breezy Summer Ginger & Lemon Slice 174
Dangerous Cacao Mousse With Pistachio Nuts 176
Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble Slabs 178
Energising Black Forest Smoothie Bowl With Beetroot 180
Refreshing Tropical Mango & Kiwifruit Smoothie Bowl 182
Boysenberry & Chia Smoothie Bowl With Almond Butter 184



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