Maca Powder (raw, organic, bulk) - 3kg

Maca Powder (raw, organic, bulk) - 3kg

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Ceres Maca Powder (raw, organic) - 3kg


Maca (Peruvian ginseng) is a root vegetable in the same plant family as turnips, radishes and broccoli. For centuries, it has been used as both food and medicine in South America. Incan warriors would consume maca before long journeys and battles to enhance their strength and endurance. Today, athletes are confirming what history has revealed about this incredible superfood. As an energy booster, maca is celebrated for providing stamina and mental clarity. It is also reputed to support a healthy endocrine system by working as an adaptogen to help balance the production of hormones in our bodies.


How to Use Maca Powder:

This delicious powder has a nutty/vanilla like taste which is best used with smoothies, yoghurt, milkshakes,or on your cereal at breakfast. You can even add it to cookies, cakes or any other treat that you might be baking. The versatility of Maca is endless and gives you a great nutritional boost.

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