Dates (Organic, Raw, Aseel, Pitted) - 500g

Dates (Organic, Raw, Aseel, Pitted) - 500g

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Aseel Organic Dates, Aseel (Raw, Premium Quality, Pitted) - 500g


Organic Aseel Dates are another of natures sweets, they provide instant energy and a range of nutrients.  They are a great addition to baking recipes or simply eaten as just as they are. 


Aseel dates have a lovely sweet taste and rich flavour so they go really well in a variety of baking recipes and as they are so sweet naturally there is never any need to add refined sugar to the mix. They are thin skinned and easily chopped and/or turned into a puree. 


Organic Aseel Dates are classified as semi-dry, they have dark brown skin and an oval shape.  




Certified Organic Aseel Dates


Grown in Pakistan

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