Ghee (NZ, Grassfed Clarified Butter, Bulk) - 2.5kg

Ghee (NZ, Grassfed Clarified Butter, Bulk) - 2.5kg

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Ghee (NZ, Grassfed Clarified Butter) - 2.5kg


Ghee is simply clarified butter, made by heating regular butter until the proteins (casein) and sugars (lactose) separate from the pure butterfat. Ghee can be very high in antioxidants, in additions to helping the body absorb vitamins and minerals from other foods, namely vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Obviously it is not suitable for those who follow a plant-based diet, however ghee is considered one of the best oils for baking, sautéing and frying is due to its high smoke point. Butter burns at a lower temperature because of the presence of casein and lactose. Once removed, Ghee's smoke point increases substantially. The other benefit of this is that people who are allergic to dairy products, or have casein or lactose intolerance can often tolerate ghee.

Ghee has a very long shelf life because of its low moisture content. You do not need to refrigerate it for 2-3 months if you keep it in an airtight container.  When kept in refrigerator, ghee can last up to a year.
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Ingredients: Clarified Butter
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