Black Mission Figs, Dried Whole (Organic, Bulk) - 2.5kg

Black Mission Figs, Dried Whole (Organic, Bulk) - 2.5kg

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Bulk Organic Black Mission Figs (Organic & sulphur free) - 2.5kg


Black mission figs, they have a deep purple skin that appears black when dried, and a slight pinkish hue on the inside. They’re soft yet firm on the outside. Rich and creamy on the inside.


Among the most fibre-rich fruits, figs have a robust nutritional profile, providing significant amounts of calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, and Vitamin B6.



1. Excellent as a snack for any age.

2. Chopped figs are delicious in baked goods, muffins, and quickbreads.

3. Chop figs & stew in fruit juice; then add to your favorite hot or cold cereals, fruit compote, or yogurt.

4. Dice and add to your favorite fruit salads.

5. Add to your grain pilafs.

6. Combine with sauteed sweet vegetables such as carrots, winter squashes, or sweet potatoes.


Ingredients: Black MissionFigs

Storage: Keep Refrigerated

Origin: USA

Certification: BioGro Organic

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