Pure Erythritol (BULK) - 2kg, 3k & 5kg

Pure Erythritol (BULK) - 2kg, 3k & 5kg

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Bulk Erythritol - 2kg, 3k & 5kg

Enjoy the sweeter things in life with our Erythritol! This Keto friendly sweetener contains zero calories and with a low glycemic index, this sugar swap makes a great choice for diabetics (or anyone watching their sugar intake) because it will not cause a spike in blood sugar.


Use it in baked goods, coffee and even a morning bowl of oats!


Erythritol Facts:


-Approximately 70% as sweet as sugar.

-Virtually no calories (approximately 0.2 kcal/g which is only 5% of sugar.)

-Has a zero glycaemic index (GI), does not raise plasma glucose or insulin levels and is suitable for diabetics or consumers on a special diet.

-It is resistant to metabolism by oral bacteria and is, as a result tooth-friendly.

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