Buckwheat Hulls / Husks (Organic, NZ Grown) - 6kg

Buckwheat Hulls / Husks (Organic, NZ Grown) - 6kg

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Organic Buckwheat Hulls - 6kg (Other Quantities Available - Click Here)

  • New Zealand grown and milled, plus certified organic
  • Popular as pillow fill
  • Buckwheat hulls or husks are considered desirable pillow stuffing material because there is less risk of exposure to allergens than pillows that contain down (feathers) or synthetic fibres.
  • They also resist dust mites and other pests, including bed bugs. 
  • Pillows filled with buckwheat hulls also conduct and reflect less heat than those filled with synthetic materials.
  • Used alone or combined with rice or dried herbs, buckwheat hulls are ideal for making eye and neck pillows to help ease fatigue and tense muscles.
  • In addition to household pillow use, buckwheat hulls are traditionally used to fill putuans or zafus, the round pillows that Zen Buddhists sit upon during meditation.


Ingredients: Organic Buckwheat Hulls (removed from certified organic buckwheat groats)

Origin: Product of New Zealand

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