Earl Grey Tea (Organic, Biodynamic, Trade Aid) - 50 Tea Bags

Earl Grey Tea (Organic, Biodynamic, Trade Aid) - 50 Tea Bags

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Trade Aid Earl Grey Tea (Organic, Fair Trade) - 50 Tea Bags

An elegant, refreshing and aromatic tea with natural bergamot oil.

This perfectly balanced tea is organically grown by small-scale tea farmers in India whose production methods improve the ecological balance of their farms and provide us with a healthier, pesticide-free tea. Tea Promoters India (TPI) is fully committed to organic and bio-dynamic tea cultivation.

In a world where most of the tea is produced on large plantations where workers receive low wages and endure harsh conditions, Trade Aid supports farmers with higher prices through a more democratic and sustainable tea-growing model.

Buying this tea empowers small-scale farmers to improve their lives, businesses and communities through fair trade.


Ingredients: Fair Trade Organic Black Tea, Bergamot Oil.

Certification: Organic, Fair Trade

Origin: India

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