Activated Charcoal Powder (Medicinal & Food Grade) - 200g & Bulk 10kg. 20Kg

Activated Charcoal Powder (Medicinal & Food Grade) - 200g or Bulk 10kg, 20kgThis charcoal is packed ..


Banana Chips (organic, bulk) - 1kg, 3kg & 6.8kg

Bulk Organic Banana Chips - 1kg, 3kg or 6.8kgThis bag of crispy sweet deliciousness, are made from o..


Cacao Butter (RAW cold-press, organic, bulk) - 5kg & 25kg
3% off

Cacao Butter (RAW cold-press, organic, bulk) - 5kg & 25kg

Bulk Organic Raw Cacao Butter 5kg or 25kgCacao butter is a pure, stable fat that is pressed out of t..

$229.95 $238.00

Cashew Butter (organic, bulk) - 2kg

Ceres Organics, Bulk Cashew Butter - 2kgCeres Organics Cashew Butter uses certified organic cashew n..


Cocoa Powder (Organic, Fair Trade, Bulk) - 2kg

Bulk Trade Aid Organic Cocoa Powder (Fair Trade) - 2kgLet them eat cake – or the baked goodness of y..


Coconut Milk Powder (organic, bulk) - 1kg, 10kg & 20kg

Kokanati Organic Coconut Milk Powder - 1kg, 10kg & 20kgHave you ever opened a can of coconut mil..


Jasmine Rice Crumbs (Bulk, organic) - 3kg

Ceres Jasmine Rice Crumbs (Organic, Bulk) - 3kgNow your favourite rice crumbs come in bulk.  No..


Lucuma Powder (Organic, Raw) - 250g, 500g, 1kg

Organic Lucuma Powder (Raw) - 250g, 500g, 1kgLucuma powder has a sweet, maple/caramel like flavour t..


Maca Powder (Organic, bulk) - 500g & 1kg

Organic Maca Powder (Raw, Gelatinised) - 500g or 1kgCeres Organics believes in the power of ‘real’ p..


Maca Powder (raw, organic, bulk) - 5kg & 20kg

Bulk Ceres Maca Powder (Raw, Organic, Gelatinised) - 5kg or 20kgCeres Organics believes in the power..


Pea Protein Powder (Bulk) - 10kg & 20kg

Bulk Pea Protein Powder (100% Pure, 80% Protein) - 10kg or 20kgThis high pea protein powder is a uni..


Pea Protein Powder - 800g & 2.4kg

Pea Protein Powder - 800g or 2.4kgThis high pea protein powder is a unique source of plant-based pro..


Yacon Powder (Organic, Raw) - 1kg

Organic Yacon Powder (Raw) - 1kgYacon Root, also called the Peruvian Ground Apple, has been used as ..


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