Fenugreek Seeds (Organic, Bulk) - 500g, 1kg & 3kg

Bulk Organic Fenugreek Seeds - 500g, 1kg & 3kgFenugreek seeds have a mild butterscotch smell whi..


Fenugreek Seeds (Organic, NZ Grown) - 250g, 500g, & 1kg

New Zealand Organic Fenugreek Seeds (Excellent For Sprouting) - 250g, 500g, & 1kgNote: Organic F..


Sprouting Alfalfa Seeds (Organic) - 500g & 1kg

Sprouting Alfalfa Seeds (Organic) - 500g & 1kgAlfalfa sprouts are a great addition to any salad ..


Sprouting Curled Cress Seeds (Organic) - 100g & 500g

Curled Cress Sprouting Seeds (Organic) - 100g & 500gCress is seriously flavourful - some would s..


Sprouting Energiser Blend (Organic) - 500g & 1kg

Energiser Sprouting Blend (Organic) - 500g & 1kgA lovely, well balanced, mix of sprouting seeds..


Sprouting Green Broccoli Seeds (Organic) - 100g, 500g & 1kg

Sprouting Green Broccoli Seeds (Organic) - 100g & 500gMild flavor, mild crunch, and big time nu..


Sprouting Health Boost Blend (Organic) - 100g & 500g

Health Boost Blend Sprouting Seeds (Organic) - 100g & 500gA blend of Green Broccoli, Pak Choi, K..


Sprouting Red Clover Seeds (Organic) - 500g & 1kg

Red Clover Sprouting Seeds (Organic) - 500g or 1kgLike most sprouts, red clover with its crisp textu..


Sprouting Rocket Seeds (Organic) - 100g & 500g

Rocket Sprouting Seeds (Organic) - 100g & 500gGrow these sprouting Rocket seeds for a spicy, nut..


Sprouting Stir Fry Blend (Organic) - 500g & 1kg

Sprouting Seeds - Stir Fry Blend  (Organic) - 500g & 1kgThis mix is one of our all time fav..


Sprouting Sweet Yet Spicy Blend (Organic) - 500g & 1kg

Sweet Yet Spicy Sprouting Seeds (Organic) - 500g or 1kgA blend of  Broccoli Raab, Radish D..


Sprouting Vita Plus Blend Seeds (Organic) - 500g & 1kg

Vita Plus Sprouting Blend Seeds (Organic) - 500g & 1kgA very nutritious blend of organic sprouts..


Sprouting Lentil Seeds (Organic) - 100g, 500g & 1kg

Sprouting Lentil Seeds (Organic) - 100g, 500g & 1kgJust like mung beans, you can't go wrong with..


Sprouting Peas (organic) - 500g or 1kg

Organic Sprouting Peas - 500g or 1kgPea sprouts are one of my favourites and taste very much like fr..


Sprouting Radish Seeds (Organic) - 500g & 1kg

Daikon Radish Sprouting Seeds (Organic) - 500g & 1kgLike all sprouts, Radish sprouts taste like ..


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