Cashew Nuts Roasted & Salted - 5kg

Cashew Nuts Roasted & Salted - 5kgThese cashews have been roasted to perfection and then lightly sli..


Cashew Nuts Roasted & Salted - Organic - 2.5kg

Cashew Nuts Roasted & Salted, Organic (raw) - 2.5kgThese scrumptious Organic Cashews have been roast..


Popping Corn (Organic, NZ Grown, Bulk) - 3kg & 25kg

Popping Corn (Organic, NZ Grown, Bulk) - 3kg & 25kgOrganically grown popping corn from a New Zealand..


Almond Butter (Bulk, Transitional Organic) - 2kg

Bulk Almond Butter (Transitional Organic) - 2 kgThese crushed almonds are undergoing a transformatio..


Almonds, Fully Certified Organic (Bulk, Unpasteurised, Not Irradiated) - 3kg

Bulk Organic Valencia Almonds (Fully Certified Organic) - 3kgNatural, high-quality whole, fully cert..


Almonds, Roasted (Transitional Organic, Unsalted, Bulk) - 3kg

Bulk Roasted Almonds (Ceres, Transitional Organic) - 3kgGet a filling snack with countless health be..


Banana Chips (organic, bulk) - 1kg, 3kg & 6.8kg

Bulk Organic Banana Chips - 1kg, 3kg or 6.8kgThis bag of crispy sweet deliciousness, are made from o..


Cashew Butter (organic, bulk) - 2kg

Ceres Organics, Bulk Cashew Butter - 2kgCeres Organics Cashew Butter uses certified organic cashew n..


Coconut Butter (Organic, Creamed Coconut, Bulk) - 4L & 20L
9% off

Coconut Butter (Organic, Creamed Coconut, Bulk) - 4L & 20L

Kokonati Organic Creamed Coconut (Coconut Butter, Bulk) - 4L or 20LOrganic Creamed Coconut also know..

$105.00 $115.00

Coconut Butter, Toasted (organic, bulk) - 4kg

Organic Toasted Coconut Butter, Toasted (Bulk) - 4kgKOKONATI Organic Toasted Coconut butter is a nut..


Deluxe Mixed Nuts (Organic & Transitional Organic) - 2.5kg

Organic & Transitional Organic Mixed Nuts, Raw (Brazil, Cashew, Walnut, Almonds) - 2.5kgThis mix of ..


Mixed Nuts, Raw (Brazil, Cashew, Walnut, Slivered Almonds) - 3kg

Raw Mixed Nuts (Brazil, Cashew, Walnut, Slivered Almonds) - 3kgA 3kg bag of mixed raw nuts including..


Olives, Kalamata (Pitted Or Unpitted, Bulk) - 3.3kg

Bulk Kalamata Olives, Pitted or Unpitted - 3.3kg (2kg DW)Kalamata olives, with their  their cru..


Peanut Butter, Smooth & Crunchy (Organic, Bulk) - 2kg

Ceres Organic Smooth or Crunchy Peanut Butter (Bulk) - 2kgWe now have organic peanut butter in 2kg t..


Peanuts, Roasted & Salted (Organic, Whole, Bulk) - 3kg

Peanuts, Roasted & Salted (Organic, Whole, Bulk) - 3kgPeanuts are not real nuts. They’re legumes whi..


Pineapple Rings (Dried, Organic, Bulk) - 2.5kg
7% off

Pineapple Rings (Dried, Organic, Bulk) - 2.5kg

Pineapple Rings (Dried, Organic, Bulk) - 2.5kgNaturally sweet, golden yellow, chewy slices of tropic..

$152.95 $164.95

Pistachios, Kernels (Natural, Raw) - 250g, 500g & 1kg

Pistachio Nut Kernels (Natural, Raw, Unsalted) - 500g & 1kgPistachio nuts have been regarded to ..


Pistachios, Roasted & Salted (Organic, Bulk) - 2.5kg

Organic Pistachios, Roasted & Salted (In Shell, Bulk) - 2.5kgNature's super healthy snack! Delic..


Tahini Hulled & Unhulled (Organic, Bulk) - 18kg
7% off

Tahini Hulled & Unhulled (Organic, Bulk) - 18kg

Bulk Tahini, Hulled or Unhulled (Organic) - 18kgTahini is sesame paste made of ground sesame seeds. ..

$269.95 $289.95

Tahini, Hulled (Organic, Bulk) - 20kg

Hulled Tahini (Organic, Bulk) - 20kgChantal's hulled tahini is made by toasting and grinding sesame ..


Tahini, Unhulled (Organic, Bulk) - 4kg, 10kg, 20kg

Unhulled Tahini (Organic, Bulk) - 4kg, 10kg, 20kgThis Tahini is made from certified organic sesame s..


Tamari Almonds (Transitional Organic, Roasted) - 3kg

Almonds, Tamari Roasted (Ceres, Transitional Organic) - 3kgThe delicious sweet taste of almonds and ..


Crystallised Ginger (organic, bulk) - 500g & 1kg

Organic Crystallised Ginger (Bulk) - 500g & 1kgOrganic Crystallised Ginger is a perfect addition..


Crystallised Ginger (organic, bulk) - 5kg

Organic Crystallised Ginger (Bulk) - 125gOrganic Crystallised Ginger is a perfect addition to cakes,..


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