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Product Information

Products may vary slightly from their pictures and as such, they are for illustrative purposes only. Now and again, packaging, dietary classifications, ingredients, country of origin and other such information may change and we may not always be as up to date as we would like to be, so please always check the details on the packaging.

Allergen Statement

We understand your concerns about potential allergens in the foods you eat and take the utmost care to minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

We acknowledge that even the tiniest amount of a particular allergen can cause problems yet despite our best efforts, they may be present in our facility or in the facility of our suppliers. In some instances, our products arrive directly from our suppliers, where they may have been packaged on lines that handle, nuts, seeds, gluten, dairy and/or soy.

Our Product Preference Filters allow for you to view products that are naturally free from gluten or dairy.  However, we stress that they are not necessarily certified as such, and may contain trace amounts of these substances.

Organic Certification

We get it… “organic” when it comes to marketing speak, is a bit of a grey area.  But at Happy and Healthy, we do away with questionable and confusing organic product claims.  Anything you buy at H&H that is labeled as organic is exactly that, certified organic. Quite clearly, that is the case for items that are pre-packaged, as they will have the organic certifiers logo and assurances stamped on them.

However, the same goes for our 'organic' items, that we have packed down from our semi-bulk packs into brown paper bags. These items have been brought as certified organic food, but because our warehouse has not been certified (we are just a small player, and this costs a lot!), repackaging means we cannot retain the 'certified' label.

But we are an open book here - if you want to see product spec sheets, bulk bag packaging or invoices.... just sing out and we will provide them.


All prices shown on our website are in New Zealand dollars and include GST.  Our GST number is 58-427-039.  Whilst our prices are subject to change due to seasonal and/or market fluctuations, you will never be charged more than what is shown on our website at the time of ordering.

Refunds & Returns

We sincerely hope that you will be totally happy with your Happy & Healthy delivery. Sometimes however, your order might not be as you expected…

  • Sometimes things get damaged in transit. Please get in touch as soon as possible and we will rectify the situation.
  • If a product is out of stock, we will contact you by email or phone to let you know.  Where available we will recommend an alternative, but a refund or credit will always be an option.


The material and information on this website is provided in good faith. It is collated from sources which we believe to be accurate and up to date.  While we do our best to ensure our information is correct, we cannot take responsibility for any inaccurate information or misrepresentation of materials on our website. Furthermore, any medical advice on the website is not intended to replace the advice of a health care professional.