Chutney, Thai Plum (Organic) - 250g

Chutney, Thai Plum (Organic) - 250g

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Te Horo Harvest Thai Plum Chutney (Organic) - 250g

Te Horo Harvest is a small, certified organic farm with its own commercial kitchen located on the Hautere Plains in Te Horo, Kapiti, New Zealand/Aotearoa. 

  • Made from certified organic fruit, that is in season and grown in Te Horo.
  • Only the best quality cider or wine vinegars to ensure that the natural flavours of the fruit dominate.
  • Only minimum sugar and salt required to ensure that the fruit is properly preserved.
  • Free from additives or chemical preservatives.

These handmade preserves are delicious with cheeses, salads and meats - or try them with stir fry vegetables, or spread on a slice of sourdough... yum!

Check out our range of Organic Jams, Sauces and Preserves from Te Horo Harvest here.

Ingredients: Organic plums (51%), onion, chilli, cider vinegar, lemongrass and organic sugar and spices

Certification: Organic - OrganicFarmNZ (OFNZ)

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