Coconut Butter (Organic, Creamed Coconut, Bulk) - 4L & 20L

Coconut Butter (Organic, Creamed Coconut, Bulk) - 4L & 20L

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Kokonati Organic Creamed Coconut (Coconut Butter, Bulk) - 4L or 20L

Organic Creamed Coconut also known as Coconut butter is 100% natural, certified organic with the fresh aroma of coconuts and a crunchy, clean taste – truly delicious. Made from the fresh meat of handpicked 45 day old coconuts that are carefully dehydrated, then pulverised in their own oil.

Coconut butter is also dairy free, gluten free and can be stored at room temperature. Our products have not been refined, are not hydrogenated and does not contain any trans fats . All our products are free of preservatives, artificial flavouring, colouring, additives and stabilisers.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut

Orgin: Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Certification: USDA Organic

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