Hyundai EOS 501E Premium Air Purifier System

Hyundai EOS 501E Premium Air Purifier System

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Hyundai EOS 501E Premium Air Purifier System

The main features of the EOS 501E include:

1. An automatic Pressure Sensor Notification Device for Filter Replacement (a world first): The HYUNDAI Wacortec EOS Filtration System informs the user when a filter replacement is needed by checking the degree of filter blockage. The unique patented Pressure Sensor has a measurement ability of minute pressure differences (Patent No. 10-2004-0076168, Utility Registration No.0329577).

2. Excellent Collection Efficiency by using 3M Filters: A superior air collection efficiency is obtained by using 3M filters. Maintenance cost is kept to a minimum due to the high quality large capacity 3M filters.

3. Aromatherapy Diffuser Function: Users can enjoy the calming & therapeutic effect of Aromatherapy by placing their favourite aroma in the diffuser in the top of the machine.

4. Design of High Airflow and Low Noise-control: The High Airflow fan was developed to efficiently clean air in large spaces (248 sq m) with the least amount of noise (54.3dB on max mode). Hyper-power savings were realized by using an inverter motor with high efficiency and low noise.

5. Three Sided Ventilation: The clean purified air is vented from the two sides as well as from the top of the machine, giving a quicker and more even spread of air throughout the room.

6. Easy to Move: With fitted castors anyone can easily move the Air Purifier from room to room.

7. Energy star: Has a Certification Mark from Energystar.

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