LexSun Cold Press Juicer, Mark 1 (RRP $480, SAVE $170!)

LexSun Cold Press Juicer, Mark 1 (RRP $480, SAVE $170!)

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LexSun Juicer Mark 1 (On Sale: RRP $480)

LexSun Mark 1 Juicer is a Live-Enzyme-Juice Extractor that extracts the juice by the ‘cold-press’ method. At a speed of only 80 r.p.m. the live enzymes and nutrients remain intact because low speed avoids the destructive forces of high speed friction and heat often found with common centrifugal type juice extractors.

Other advantages of this superior juicer include:

  • It is easier to clean because you can say goodbye to back flow of the juice to the juicing collar. With no pulp congestion no more stopping to clean up the drum during juicing, which for single gear juicers can make continuation of juicing difficult and unpleasant.
  • It's quality is well known, this latest innovative model has further enhanced its reputation as the very best of single gear Cold-Press Juice extractors. Of course it is a multi purpose machine too, and it is so easy to assemble, operate, disassemble and clean. Safety has not been forgotten so LexSun incorporates a built- in auto control to prevent over heating.
  • The LexSun Mark 1 has an auger made from Ultem, which is much stronger than other augers out there.
  • The LexSun can extract juice from most vegetables. Juicing wheatgrass or barleygrass, celery, carrots, parsley, kale, ginger, sprouts, apples, spinach and cucumber is a breeze, and LexSun Elite Juicer excels in juice extracting where lesser machines struggle, e.g. juicing watermelon, oranges, pineapples, tomatoes, grapes and other pulpy fruits.
  • LexSun Juicers have been tested and proved to produce up to 20% more juice from various vegetables and fruit than some other single gear cold press juicers.

Multipurpose Functions:

  •     Vegetable Juice Extraction,
  •     Fruit Juicing,
  •     Wheat and Barley grass Juicing,
  •     Meat and Fish Mincing,

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