IncaFe Coffee Beans (Organic, Fairtrade) - 200g

IncaFe Coffee Beans (Organic, Fairtrade) - 200g

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IncaFe's Marin Estate Coffee Beans (Organic, Fairtrade Certified) - 200g

*Single Origin, 100% Certified Organic, Fairtrade Roasted Organic*

IncaFe's Marin Estate coffee is smooth & lively, their hallmark coffee. Pleasing for many palates! Rich coffee with good mouth feel. Sweet raisin, apricot aroma. Very clean medium-bodied espresso with vanilla dark chocolate. Beautiful roasted almond after taste.

The coffee is shade-grown at high altitudes in a bird-friendly environment and is certified fair trade.

Ingredients: Organic Roasted Coffee Beans

Certification: BioGro NZ Organic

Orgin: Grown in Peru, Roasted in Taranaki, NZ

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