Cacao Powder, RAW (organic, Bulk) - 2.2kg, 7.5kg & 22.6kg

Cacao Powder, RAW (organic, Bulk) - 2.2kg, 7.5kg & 22.6kg

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Bulk Cacao Powder, RAW (Organic) - 2.2kg, 7.5kg or 22.6kg

This RAW Cacao Powder is derived from certified organic cacao beans that are cold-pressed in small batches with temperatures below 47°C. The cacao solids are then cold milled into fine powder. No chemicals are used in the process.

This is 'chocolate’ in its purest, most natural form, without sugar and other additives. Rich in antioxidants and fibre, raw cacao powder imparts a rich flavour with a hint of bitterness and subtle ‘chocolaty’ taste. Use it in desserts, drinks and anything you want to add cacao goodness to.

Ingredients: Organic Cacao Powder

Origin: Product of Dominican Republic, packed in NZ

Certification: BioGro Organic

Maya Holligan 03/12/2023

High quality cacao with great flavour!! Much better than most of the cacaos I have bought, expecially the supermarket ones but even from healthfood stores. Arrived well packaged and labelled and I'm enjoying it a lot :)

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