Almonds - Organic (Transitional, Whole) - 1kg

Almonds - Organic (Transitional, Whole) - 1kg

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Premium Grade Almonds - Transitional Organic (Whole, Unpasteurised, Not irradiated) - 1kg

Natural, high quality whole, transitional organic almonds grown in the USA .  These almonds have been shelled but undergo no other processing so still have the skin intact and are brown in colour.   

High in monounsaturated fats as well as vitamin E, almonds help to lower your cholesterol, lower blood sugar and improve skin health. These hearty nuts also make for an amazing guilt-free snack.

You may already know about transitional crops: They are grown on standard farms that have converted to organic practices fulfilling the Biogro organic certification for between two and five years.  At the five year mark the farm receives its full Biogro organic certification.  This means that transitional almonds are grown on farms that completely fulfill every Biogro practice but have not yet reached the five year mark.


Ingredients: Organic Almonds

Origin: USA

Certification: 2.5kg, BioGro Transitional Organic; Smaller quantities packed down from bag of BioGro Transitional Organic.

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